PON 3‒35+ Reversible plough (mounted) with adjustable width

PON 3‒35 Reversible plow mounted of Veles-Agro

252 500 uah.

*The price is indicated without VAT and DISCOUNT and is valid on the territory of Ukraine

Pon 3‒35+ mounted reversible plow, with adjustable working width (four-regulating the working width of 28, 32, 36 and 40 cm per body;) for smooth plowing of soils for grain and industrial crops to a depth of 30 cm, is not clogged stones, fieldstone and other obstacles, with the specific soil resistance to 0.1 MPa (1kgs / cm2) and a hardness of up to 4.0 MPa (40 kgf / cm2).
Plough is mounted on tractors with capacity 82‒105 hp.

Плуг оборотный навесной ПОН-3-35 Велес-Агро Новинка 2015 Плуг оборотный навесной ПОН-3-35 на тракторе Навесной оборотный плуг ПОН-3-35 Велес-Агро Новинка 2015Оборотный навесной плуг ПОН-3-35 на тракторе Велес-Агро Регулировка плуга оборотного навесного ПОН-3-35 Велес-Агро Оборотный механизм гидроцилиндр оборотный навесной плуг ПОН-3-35

Reversible plow is made in the wall-mounted version, will be presented at the exhibition «Agro-2015» in Kiev from 3 to 6 June at the exhibition «Veles-Agro», which is located near the entrance to the 5th pavilion of Expoplaza Ukraine.

Reversible plough