KPG 6 Cultivator of a tow type

KPG 6 Cultivator from Veles Agro

498 330 uah.

*The price is indicated without VAT and DISCOUNT and is valid on the territory of Ukraine

KPG 6 Cultivator is designed for continuous tillage and processing vapors with simultaneous harrowing, with soil resistivity to 0.5 kgf / cm ² (0,05 MPa) and the humidity to 27%.
For aggregation, it is recommended to use the tractor drawbar category — 2.0‒3.0

Working body, analogue of John Deere, 11111111111111111111111111 Working body with an S-shaped rack of Eurozappa

For leveling the surface of the field, a spring comb with adjustable angle of teeth attack is located behind the working bodies.. The final crushing blocks of land and surface leveling field carried by tubular roller. If necessary, the mentioned functions of KPG-6 are easy to disassemble completely or partially (comb or roller).

Cultivator comb with roller:
Cultivator comb KPG-6 with roller Veles Agro

Depth processing is regulated by limiters stroke cylinders of simply rearranged adjusting thrust rings. Required power for tiller depends on the type and soil moisture, forms cultivator paws amount of crop residue on the surface of the field, tillage depth, operating speed and many other factors. The needed power may be at least 20 — 27 liters. s. per meter width of the cultivator.