KM 5.6 Inter-Row Cultivator

KM 5.6 Inter-Row cultivator of Veles Agro

167 500 uah.

*The price is indicated without VAT and DISCOUNT and is valid on the territory of Ukraine

KM 5.6 Cultivator for inter-row cultivation of tall industrial crops — sunflower, corn, sorghum and other variable width of the aisle shall loosening topsoil to a predetermined depth with row spacing of 70 cm.

For aggregation, it is recommended to use the tractor drawbar category — 1.4‒2.0

Cultivator KM 5.6 works where others can’t:

  • reinforced frame design section 150x140h10 mm to withstand the maximum permissible load;
  • parallelogram design section produces clear up the treated surface of the field;
  • stepless adjustment of the cutting depth is achieved by aligning wheel section;
  • spring-loaded lancet feet with adjustable height, tilt, and treated with the maximum horizontal width of the aisle;
  • guards protect plants from falling asleep at work at maximum speed;
  • reinforced section allows processing heavily compacted soils;
  • messing around at speeds of 10km/h;
  • working parts are made of high-strength boron steel.

Inter-Row cultivator section Veles Agro KM-5.6

Cultivator KM-5.6 is equipped with a device for applying dry bulk fertilizers.

For this purpose, bunkers (1 bunker for 2 rows or 1 for 3 rows) for bulk fertilizers of volume equal to 125 liters per row of the cultivator are mounted on the cultivator. On the bottom of the boxes there is a coil mechanism producing the ejection of fertilizers to the seed pipe, and an adjustable curtain is installed outside the box for increasing or decreasing the seeding rate. With the help of the corrugated vas deferens, the hopper is connected to the fertilizer paw and adjustable to a given depth and distance from the sown row of seeds.

To check the exact amount of kilograms of your fertilizer, which will actually be measured when working with a row spacing of 70 cm, proceed as follows:

Remove one unloading sleeve from any fertilizer box and attach a pouch or other suitable container under the opened drawer opening. Turn on the fertilizer and move forward for a distance of 80 m. Weigh the amount of fertilizer (in kg) that fell into the pouch and multiply this amount by 8 or 6 times the row length of your cultivator. This result will be the actual rate of sowing by 1 weave. Multiply the result by 10 to get the rate of sowing a kilogram per hectare.

Table of adjusting the rate of sowing of fertilizers kg/ha, depending on the opening of the curtain in mm.
Opening the curtain (mm) 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
7 40 70 100 130 156 184 200

Treatment with fertilizer
Keep the fertilizer dry.
Most fertilizers easily accumulate moisture and cause corrosion of metals. This corrosion not only reduces the service life of the metal, but also leads to unnecessary costs for the replacement of parts broken due to astringent properties or solidification of fertilizers. Deposits of mineral fertilizers will accumulate in the box and interfere with the action of the working organs. Consequently, the boxes must be cleaned at the end of each working day by removing the hatch in the bottom of the bunkers.
WARNING: Agricultural chemicals can be hazardous. Improper selection or use can damage people, animals, plants, soil or other objects. BE CAREFUL: Choose the right chemical for the job. Handle it with care. Follow the advice of the chemical manufacturer.

Result of Rotary Cultivator of КМ 5.6: