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KPG 4 Cultivator of a tow type (5-row)

KPG 4 Cultivator of a tow type (5-row)

218 190 uah.

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KPG 4 Cultivator (5-row) with combs and rollers.

Optionally cultivator can be supplied with different sweeps from 160 to 330 mm, while changing the number of working bodies.
** Required for cultivator power depends on the type and soil moisture, mold cultivators paws amount of crop residue on the field surface, tillage depth, operating speed, and many other factors. Power may require at least 20‒27 hp per meter of working width of the cultivator.

Working body, analogue of John Deere, 11111111111111111111111111 Working body with an S-shaped rack of Eurozappa