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Plow four-body hinged PNV 4‒40 with skimmer

Plow four-body hinged PNV 4‒40 with skimmer

115 000 uah.

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Four-body mounted plow PNVB 4‒40 with adjustable working width (four-stage adjustment of working width by 30, 35, 40 and 45 cm for each body). It is aggregated with tractors, the right wheels of which move in the furrow, is intended for plowing up to 35 cm of various soils for grain and industrial crops, not clogged with stones, flagstone and other obstacles, with a specific soil resistance of up to 1 kgf / cm2 (0.1 MPa), hardness up to 40 kgf / cm2 (4.0 MPa) and soil moisture up to 27%. (intended use). The plow is equipped with a skimmer.
The plow is aggregated with class 2.0 tractors; 3.0, power 120‒160 hp

Plows with adjustable working width